Toronto Underground Market 

Toronto Underground Market, Part 2 | If Looks Could Fill

  1. 1. La Carnita – beautiful to look at and equally tasty. Such fresh flavours and perfect combinations. Love my art work too!

    2. Braised Ox Tail with rice and peas. The ox tail was right up there with the best I have ever had. Deeply seasoned and tender. The perfectly cooked rice and peas held their own. The serving was short on value but the whole plate packed so much punch we went back for seconds.

    3. Thistletown students made fantastic Aranacini accompanied with two delicious sauces. The agnolotti was a bit greasy but super flavourful and al dente.

    4. Bacon Caramel Popcorn. The bacon flavour was absent, even when chewing on it, but the popcorn itself, the caramel and the heat, made for a super addictive treat!

    5. Buffalo empanada from Comida del Pueblo was super good. The pastry was exceptional and although the meat was generic, it had nice moisture and seasoning. We skipped the line to grab these quickly on the side so we missed their other item

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