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Meet Chef Eshwar Sarwan, a seasoned culinary mastermind with over a decade of experience, a budding food entrepreneur, and a local food artisan.

Chef Eshwar's journey is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. Born into a family of indentured labourers in Guyana, he set out on a new path at the age of eleven, when his family immigrated to Canada. This transition, filled with cultural shifts and new beginnings, laid the groundwork for his culinary adventure.

Entrepreneurship is in Chef Eshwar's blood. His mother, a food vendor, instilled in him and his siblings the values of hard work and dedication. Together, they built a successful business, a testament to their shared entrepreneurial spirit.

Assuming the tasks at home, which included preparing the meals, ignited a passion for cooking. By the time he graduated from high school, it was apparent that food was part of his DNA. However, the lack of a food culture during this era led him to pursue a career in Business Accounting.

Over the years, Chef Eshwar honed his skills by catering to various events, from weddings to banquets. At the age of thirty-seven, he decided to further his culinary education and passion. He enrolled in the prestigious George Brown College, where he obtained a Culinary Arts—Chef Training Certificate, solidifying his status as a culinary artisan.

Today, Chef Eshwar's nickname, 'Chefwar, 'reflects his skillful culinary nature and the rich tapestry of flavours derived from his cultural heritage. He skillfully combines his culinary artistry with a passion for global gastronomy, creating dishes that captivate the palate. His virtual pop-up events and catering services offer a unique culinary experience, accompanied by a growing selection of hot sauces, condiments, spice blends, and seasonal products.

Food warriors, you can now enjoy his craftsmanship in the comfort of your home and beyond!