Tamarind Hot Sauce
Tamarind Hot Sauce

Tamarind Hot Sauce

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  • Our Caribbean inspired Tamarind Hot Sauce will deliver the right amount of pungency, to satisfy your senses! 
  • A multifaceted sauce that is tart, zesty, hot, and sweet, with a bold earthy flavour! While the Tamarind fruit contains many health benefits such as enriched in iron content, vitamin B & C & other antioxidants.
  • Has multi-purposeful uses: serve as an accompaniment to any seafood meal, or your favorite chips, soups, or use it as a condiment to enhance any other meal.
  • It is preservatives or additives free, handcrafted to create a wholesome all-natural sauce! Vegetarian, dairy, and gluten-friendly
  • Ingredients: Tamarind, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, water, vinegar, herbs & spices, and sugar.