Chefwar's Signature -Tagine Spice Blend

Chefwar's Signature -Tagine Spice Blend

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Tagine Spice Blend: What would Chef Eshwar say about this spice blend? " It conjures up nostalgic culinary memories of all those delicious Tagines that I enjoyed." This unique recipe verbalized by my tour guide is a gourmet blend of five species resulting in the traditional authentic taste of a Moroccan Tagine. 

 Premium Quality: Our pure spice blend is of premium quality, made in small batches for freshness. It has no fillers, additives, preservatives, or anti-caking agents. 

Flavour Note:  This aromatic blend is rich in earthy tones, floral notes, and a very mild curry flavour. It is only five spices, but it has a big personality with a warm, zesty, and slightly woody flavour that one will enjoy to the last morsel. 

Suggested uses: The word "Tagine" referred to both the dish and the stew that is made in one container. But it is not limited to just making a stew; you can use this spice blend in various ways:

  • Use in creating all types of slow cook stews.
  • Use as a rub for pork or beef roast dinner.
  • All kinds of soups, on spice up your steam vegetables.
  • Use to make a rice pilaf or enhance the plain rice to serve with any curry dishes or create a marinade that can be used on various meats.  

The possibilities are endless, in fact, Chef Eshwar sometimes uses this spice blend to flavour many of his traditional Guyanese saute vegetable curries and in his homemade dhal. 

Ingredients: Blend of fives spices.